Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Slow cookin' Kind-0- weather!

I'm learning that the crock pot is my best friend right now! Really, as a working mama it really has made my life so much easier!
  • I can cook in the middle of the day while I still have lots of energy
  • I can feed Anisten earlier, and Daddy will still have hot food when he gets home.
  • Dinner is made even if I'm working late.
  • A lot of my recipes call for the same ingredients.
  • I can make enough to freeze for another meal, in a few weeks!
85% of my meals for the week are going to be slow cooked...

Red Beans and Rice- a family favorite!

Chicken Noodle Soup- Great for 12 degree weather.

Southwest Chicken White Chili- A new recipe. It's actually a stove top recipe, but I am gonna make it a slow cooked recipe.

Pork Loin in Mushroom gravy with Rice- Made this last night! Served it over rice, with smashed red potatoes, and spagetti squash! YUMMY!  This WILL be a regular in my house.

I also like BBQ pork loin - Served on hoagies/buns for sandwhiches.

Chicken Veggie medely.

I'd like to get my hands on a few others that I've tried, like:

  • Balsamic Roast
  • Lima Beans
  • Regular old pot roast - I've not yet mastered it ! 

What are some that you like? And what are some of your winter meals?
Since it's only the 3 of us, we always have left overs, for the next day or to freeze.

Recipes to follow!

I have found so many recipes on some of your blogs, so I want to share some of mine(or the ones I've gotten) in hopes that it might work for someone else! Who knew cooking could be so easy sometimes?


  1. woo hoo for the red beans and rice!! what night is that? Ill be there about 6! haha J/K We do STEW of course, its one of our faves. We also do roast with veggies!! Chicken Tortilla Soup (not hard to make, but isnt my fave to make either...but tastes so good!) Potato soup too..cant forget that one. We are also suckers for the quick and easy in the winter...so we arent always using the slow cooker... :) (I need recipes for the red beans and rice, as well as this bbq business please!)

  2. You're always welcome! Seriously, like I mentioned, it makes enough for 2 whole meals for the 3 of us. WHich means enough for Collis'!!! We'll be doing RB&R this week, maybe Thursday! C'mon over!

    I'll post the recipe for them now, only if you will send me potato soup! Is the chicken tortilla the creamy kind or the clear kind like we like? -- I can't find a roast that Ive been able to make come out good. I think it's b/c my old crock pot was too small, and I was limited with the stuff I put in it.

  3. I will get them when i get home and send them to you. My tortilla soup is more watery not as creamy. I want Lindos recipe for their chicken soup!!