Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whew! Moms, whatever you do....


It's extremely hard when our babies are sick. We feel sorry for them, and want to help them get better in any way possible! But when we fall sick. We just want them to go in the living room and watch Elmo, until tomorrow!

This weekend, I caught what I think was the flu. Extremely high fever, terrible cough, you know all the symptoms. My daughter on the other hand caught a case of the tornadoes! She decided that while mommy is sick, she would destroy the house!

I'm very very happy to have my husband and family to help! Couldn't be more grateful. I literally didn't leave bed for days.

Last night, I got my first little sprout of energy back and what did I do? I swept, yes let me repeat, SWEPT all the toys in to a pile in the living room. I just took my big dust mop that I use to swiffer my floors before I steam them, and walked around the house and put all the toys in a pile. Therefore making it easier to sit, and sort them out, and put them away.

I also managed to get the kitchen and her room clean!

Yay, for feeling better! But boo for being so far behind!

Her Daddy did an amazing job keeping her out of the room so that I could rest. He kept me medicated,fed,hydrated,and stocked up on movies! And he did it all with a great attitude..  A big thanks to my fantastic hubby!
(I got him a gift certificate to get a massage next week as my appreciation)

I was just thinking of how different [like everything else] it is being sick with a small child.

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  1. Glad u r feeling better! We all got sick at the same time!!! Baby and us...ew! Well let us know if u need anything :)