Wednesday, February 2, 2011

When life gives you snow...Make ice cream!

We had record breaking snow fall here in Oklahoma yesterday!

We found lots of things to do!

Got caught up on laundry and house work ... And started working on cleaning out and organizing our guest room.
While in the process of organizing, we decided to go ahead and convert Anisten's crib to a toddler bed. We decided to take most of the things out of her room, to discourage her from getting up to play with them, and for safety. She is still under 2, so it seems kind of young -- But she has climbed out a few times, and I didn't want to risk her getting hurt!  So we did it! And she acutally stays in bed-- we are 3 for 3 now!
She loves her "Binkerbell" bed!

Of course, we got out in the snow for a few minutes. Hubby had to take out the trash, and decided while he was out he would "attempt" to shovel the driveway. I think he had fun jumping in the 5 foot snow drifts at our front porch too!

We also wanted to make some snow ice cream. SO yummy!!!! 
Scooping 4 cups of snow
Now we are stirring in a half can of condensed milk and some vanilla. Of course tasting it here and there.
 We all LOVED it! We just made half the recipe since there is only 3 of us. Served immediately. It's a different texture and super sweet! YUMMMMMMMMMMY!
Makes a perfect side to some warm chicken nuggets for post nap lunch!

Our meals were certainly winter snow blizzard comfort food! Including cinnamon banana pecan pancakes for breakfast, some slow cooked pot roast for dinner, of course the snow ice cream -- Hot Cocoa from scratch. MmMmM.

Not to mention the naps, re-runs of House. Reading, Yoga, bubble baths... Over all a relaxing day! 

Hope you are all staying safe and warm! Enjoying the family time so much! Sometimes it takes a mean winter storm to make us STOP and enjoy life.

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