Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fat does NOT equal happy.

Not for me anyways!

Here's the deal....

I don't usually like to talk about my weight, or post baby weight loss, in fear of someone thinking I'm being narcissistic...  But everyone else seems to be okay with it.

It's one thing to give someone a compliment like " You look great after having a baby!"  Which I do receive..

When I hear comments like " You need to eat more ", "Your too skinny", " Shrimp"  A cashier in the store the other day say " I can help you little girl" ... I'm 25 years old! These kind of comments make me feel like there is something wrong with me. There is no need for it- Growing up I got the " Skinny minnie" and " String bean" jokes....

But, I am healthy. I eat. A LOT. I replenish calories- Meaning, I try to eat more calories that I burn-  I drink whole milk.

I also eat a lot of fresh vegatables and produce. I eat whole grain pasta, rice, cereal and bread. I cook with real butter instead of the tub butter(most of the time). I only own sea salt. Lots and lots of protein. Do I eat occasional- being the word- sugary yummy treats or buttery goodness? Sure I do. In moderation! I very very very rarely eat fast food.I Exercise almost every single day.  My blood pressure is perfect. My resting heart rate is 58. My hair and nails are healthy and growing. I.AM.HEALTHY.  And I'm happy with my body.  I work hard to stay healthy, in return have a lean GOD GIVEN (literally, genetically)  body. I was made this way.... There is nothing wrong with me- Please don't make me feel like there is.

We have this mentality that Fat = Happy. Ask someone who is over weight and see if they are happy.

We have accepted obesity as Normal. So when someone like myself, or my daughter is on the lower end of "normal" everyone assumes we aren't eating right.

I also have a problem with people assuming that I'm not feeding my child correctly. She is an amazing eater. I HATE HATE HATE when she eats fast food! It's very rare, and hardly ever with me. ( and if it is, we get milk and apples with nuggets instead of the fries and pop) But the way I look at it, is fast food is poison for her little developing body and she is worthy of more nutrious things. I want her to know the is better than that. She's worth the time and effort that it takes to prepare wholesome food for her...... I don't want her to deal with any confident issues, as I have, because she will be small. There is no reason to give her any insecurities about something that she can't help.

She has been checked out properly by her doctor. She's perfectly healthy as well!

Our kids are worth so much more than we are "showing" them. Please get a grasp on that!

Fat is not happy!

And just because we're small doesn't mean that we should be "dis-credited" for anything.

I want to instill in her  the confidence that most kids (and adults!) lack. She is beautiful. She is strong, and happy. Her body ( even if it's not like everyone else) is perfect. She eats better than everyone else too! What better gift could I give my child, than a life time of healthy habits!

I too am still working slowly towards a healthier lifestyle, little by little. I want to be around for her, and healthy for her when she needs me.

Don't assume that b/c we don't look like the majority of society, that it's wrong.

Thank you.

I am fixing to post another blog that really touched me and opened my eyes about obesity in our society. Both of these will probably offend someone-if that's the case, click the X in the top right corner- But this is something dear to my heart. It's something I'm obviously passionate about.

We've GOT  to make changes.


  1. You DO look great after having a baby :)

  2. Well, thanks Ashley! -- I'm not fishing... but thank you. You look great for HAVING a baby. hehehehe...