Saturday, July 3, 2010

Holy Corn Fields

Went to visit Mom and Dad in Prairie City, Iowa this past week. Culture shock. In a great way of course. It was such a small little town!

THere really isn't much there. It's like a 2 mile long  town! There is a little ice cream shop, barber shop, convenient store, and industrial businesses. Oh yeah LOTS of corn!

Anyways. To say the least, it's a great place to relax!

We had such a great time. We went in to Des Moines one evening, which was cool. It's like a mini Dallas. Not nearly as busy.
Got in some great runs. The weather was beautiful. We had to circle the town a few times and then found a trail  and a dirt road that led us in to the corn fields. That was fun!

Mama made us some sea food gumbo that was out of this world! There is nothing like going "home" and eating! 
They followed us home. We left Thursday and drove through the night to get home, mom and dad left Friday morning to come to Oklahoma for my birthday! (Tomorrow.)

Just thought I'd share a little about my vacay and time away in the beautiful (and cool) state of Iowa!

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