Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Let's see... Middle of May, Everything started getting C-R-A-ZZZZZZ-Y!

I did several cakes in the month of May, and I'll post them all here so that they are all in one post in the case that anyone just wants to view any of them.

Weddings, Graduations, Babies... When you're the Jack of All trades, you stay busy when other peoples lives are in the midst of HUGE change!

So let's start out with Haylee's Graduation.

My little cousin (when I say little I mean very little All of 4'11) graduated from Bixby High School! We had a graduation party for her. I wanted to do a little something special for her. I made a cake that went along with the theme and colors of the party, but I added a little special-ness to it!

We've always called her "Haylee Bug" So when I knew I was making her cake I knew that I some how wanted to put that in there! I also used one of her Senior Pics for some what of a cake topper! Added lady bugs to the cake.

(p.s. please excuse my messy kitchen when doing 2 larger cakes in one day, it's bound to be a little messy right??)

Some how, I ended up double booking myself for this day. Thankfully, both parties wanted the same colors!! So besides the fact that, I had no room in my fridge for actual food, it all worked out perfectly!

The 2nd cake I made that day was for a bachelorette party! Same colors. Pink and Black. 


I had a lot of fun with the bride cake. Both of the cakes were made of buttercream, which I am finding a little harder to smooth out and it is not as durable as a fondant cake. On the flip side, it taste tons better!

A week after these 2 cakes, I had a wedding cake that had to be done. It was a small wedding cake. I decided to use fondant for this one, since it is a more formal occasion.... I went with a white cake with pink( hard to see in this pic) ribbon, and Ivory flowers..... This cake has a horror story with it! To be told at a later time- But lets just say I thought i'd get some better pics of this cake at the wedding.......

And lastly, I was asked to do a cake for a baby shower. I gladly accepted! I found out that she was doing lady bug theme for the baby. So I decided to go with a plain white buttercream (which ended up being not so durable and as smooth as I wanted) and lined the bottom with red ribbon and the top with polka dots!
I found some cute lady bug accessories, and some sweet little letters and whipped up a cake right quick! After 2 cakes in one day 2 weekends in a row, this seems like "cake work" ((pun intended!))
 Oh and might I add that the flower on top, I also added a little clip to it, so she can clip it to her babies head band!

Scott and I did the aquarium run, and the full moon run in this month... We are continuing to condition and still plan to train for the Half Marathon in November!

I also did some hair and make up for some weddings which was fun! Anyways, I'll continue to update a little more often now!

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  1. crazy month for the Campbells. Cakes are looking great!!!